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Our teachers at Genuine Digital School
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We take pride in having a team of dedicated teachers committed to providing quality education and supporting the academic growth of our students.

Game and Science Museum Teachers, Students, and Parents of Middle School

School Leadership

Vice-directora GE

Electrical Engineer and Co-Founder of Genuine Digital School. CEO of Ingenio Rob√≥tica Educativo. Co-Founder of √Ābaco Tecnolog√≠a para el Desarrollo Personal.

Legal Relations GE

Human Resources. Contracts. Corporate Law. Finance. Compliance.

School Leaders

Lider de Elementary GE

Lawyer, translator, and educator with over 18 years of experience in the education field.

Lider de Middle GE

Electronic Engineer. His career at Genuine Digital School includes teaching subjects such as mathematics, physics and research electives.

Lider de High School GE

Degree in Physics.
‚ÄúI have skills in research, tutoring and personalized science teaching in intercultural contexts‚ÄĚ

We have specialized teams in specific fields of knowledge

Area leaders

Líder de Flex by GE

Flex by Genuine

Chemistry graduate. “I have the ability to communicate and explain science topics easily and straightforwardly to my students‚ÄĚ

Math GE

Math GE

Mathematician. “I want to promote an appreciation for mathematics and pure sciences in Latin American countries”¬†

Líder de Science by GE

Science GE

Biology Teacher. “I teach my students to discover the world through science”

Lider de ELA GE

English GE

Education graduate. “Expert in developing educational materials for foreign language learning in preschool, primary, and secondary levels

Líder de FPA GE

Extracurriculares GE

Basic Education graduate. “In every class, I can connect with my students, those individuals with whom I rediscover the fantastic world of art and literature‚ÄĚ

Líder de Emprendimiento GE

Entrepreneurship GE

Chemical Engineer. “Expert in change management and product development, passionate about technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability”

Líder de Technology GE

Technology GE

Computer Science graduate. “I love sharing my knowledge; it’s the best profession in the world”

Líder de Spanish GE

Espa√Īol GE

Spanish and Literature graduate. “My deep knowledge of the language and my passion for literature allow me to teach and inspire my students in class”

Líder Social Studies GE

Social GE

Basic Education graduate with an emphasis on Social Sciences. “I believe that making significant efforts to understand and improve our societies is essential”

To complement our students' educational process, we have

Student Services Leaders

Lider curso complementario GE

Philosophy GE


Co-founder of √Ābaco Tecnolog√≠a para el Desarrollo Personal, creator of the ESE-STEAM Diploma for teachers.

Líder de cursos complementarios GE

Philosophy GE


Advisor and consultant in psychological intervention for children, adolescents, and families.

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