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Admission Requirements and Documents

To initiate the admission process after paying the enrollment deposit, it’s important to have the following documents on hand as a photo copy, scanner, or PDF:

Official Certificate of Approval*

Elementary School

Certificates of the last 3 years completed and approved as appropriate

Middle School

Certificates of the last 3 years completed and approved

High School

Certificates of the last 3 years completed and approved

*Each approval certificate should contain the course's hourly intensity (H.I.)

Upon enrollment, you will have a 60-calendar day window to submit the officially translated certificates to the English language

Steps to complete the admission process

Step 01

Fill out the admissions registration form by clicking the button below.

Step 02

Access our portal at Almahub.com using the assigned username and password. We'll send these to the email you registered in the previous step.

Step 03

Pay for the diagnostic tests for admission on the Almahub platform.

Step 04

Complete the academic and psychology forms available on the Almahub platform. Attach official copies of the approved certificates from the required years according to our admission requirements and documents

Step 05

Schedule the date and time for the diagnostic test on the Almahub platform.

Step 06

Attend the diagnostic test, which includes a psychology interview attended by parents/guardians and the student, along with an English diagnostic test for the applicant.

Step 07

Receive the diagnostic test results obtained by the student.

Step 08

Receive the enrollment order to make the payment and finally sign the contract through the AlmaHub platform.

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