Educational methodology

We want them to discover and transform their world through investigation and recognition of their surroundings.
We focus on a constructivist methodology where through experiential learning, your child will understand concepts and their applicability.

Educational Methodology based on Multiple Intelligences

We acknowledge that everyone learns differently and possesses different types of intelligence. We explore these through:

Live classes

Here, we get to know the students, their preferences, and their skills.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers adapt concepts to meet the needs or abilities of each student.


The warmth of our teachers has a positive impact on the interpersonal relationships formed in the digital environment.

Everest Strategy

With our Everest Strategy by Genuine, we make our students feel so motivated that class time becomes short for what they aim to achieve.

Our teachers strategically design their lessons to create experiences that:




What is educational methodology?

It comprises the tools, techniques, and strategies used to convey information to our students, always seeking to motivate and give meaning to the information.

At Genuine Digital School, we believe that communication should be a two-way process. We encourage students to have an active role in their learning process.

Genuine Methodology

We have constructed a methodology to create innovative learning experiences that complement the academic education of our students, focusing on:

Studying from any location
Access to education worldwide
American certification
We offer certificates of study from the United States
We promote the development of innovative and sustainable projects
We educate on technological advancements and development


We dream that the next generations of entrepreneurs will positively impact their regions and transform the lives of millions of people.

Some of the tools we use to enable students to create this impact are:

Design Thinking

Business Canvas

Lean Methodology


Elevator Pitch

Technology and Innovation

Part of our educational methodology involves using gamification and all the latest technological resources so that our students learn and stay updated according to the latest global trends.

Our educational purpose

We are a private, bilingual, virtual, and American school with the aim of transforming traditional education and shaping individuals for life.

Our students explore the world through teachers and peers living in other countries and cities.

estudiante Preescolar

For these initial years of cognitive development at Genuine, we focus on understanding concepts in real-life contexts and through active learning.

estudiante secundaria GE

For all our students in the critical thinking phase, we concentrate our efforts and subjects to shape active global citizens.

estudiante preparatoria

Considering it is the final stage of education before entering university, we foster independence, responsibility, and respect. We support creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ideas.

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We are very proud of the Genuine family we have built, and we invite you to get to know us.

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