educational methodology

We educate within an entrepreneurial ecosystem that strengthens social interaction, cooperative work, and project-focused training.
We foster an entrepreneurial culture through a flexible curriculum program that helps children clarify their ideas, interests, and objectives.
We offer an interdisciplinary path that allows them to realize their projects and bring them to life over time.

How do we teach entrepreneurship at school?

At Genuine Digital School, we prepare our students for today and tomorrow's world through learning based on:

Agile methodologies

that value individuals, their interactions, and tools, shaping students for the world.

Communication skills

that promote critical and argumentative thinking to seize opportunities and accomplish their goals.

Agile methodologies

They are used by the most innovative enterprises globally, with the aim of achieving minimum viable products, quickly iterating business hypotheses and products in the market at a low cost.

Design Thinking

Business Canvas

Lean Methodology


Elevator Pitch

The HyPPer Adventure

Through the integration of all subjects and students’ interests, we make them see themselves as entrepreneurs.

In Elementary School, we take children on an adventure, an amazing story that leads them through an incredible universe called HyPPer.

Each year, from different perspectives‚ÄĒwhether superheroes, giants, from the past, or from the depths of the ocean‚ÄĒstudents can identify problems, generate ideas, and create solutions.

We want them to be dreamers!
It's the main characteristic of an entrepreneur.

Connecting with Passions

In Middle and High School, the themes are based on specific subjects from each student’s perspective, creating spaces that engage young people of these ages.

Among the themes we explore are: Big data, AI, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, blockchain, NFTs, among many others.

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