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With our virtual, bilingual, and American school , your child will receive classes from anywhere

We provide quality education for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17

Our mission in the world and our dreams for your children

We are a virtual school that educates, empowers, and connects your children through remote learning experiences that transcend geographical and language boundaries.

We inspire them to transform the world through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We envision a world where young people use their skills and passions to create projects that have a positive impact on society.

What is Genuine Digital School?

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what makes Genuine unique


We have native
English-speaking teachers; your child
will become an English expert

Live Classes

100% of the classes are guided
and assisted by teachers; your child
will never be alone

US High School Diploma

This is the qualification offered in the American curriculum; your child will have access to globally relevant content


Your child will have access to live or recorded classes from anywhere and extra time for other activities

We offer American education for your child

From the United States to the world







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Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, United States, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Portugal, China, Italy.

United States, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain.

Colombia, South Africa, Philippines, Chile, Mexico, Singapore.

Committed to the educational progress of our students

We seek to expand learning opportunities
through Our alliances

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Genuine Grades, Schedules, and Calendar

We offer two different academic calendars, considering the convenience and needs of each family on a global level

February to November
August to June

estudiante Preescolar

Elementary School

Grades: 2nd to 5th

Hours per week:
25 hours

8 to 10 years (average)

February to November Schedule:
07:00 am – 12:20 pm (GMT-5)

August to July Schedule:
08:00 am – 013:20 pm (GMT-5)

estudiante secundaria GE

Middle School

Grades: 6th to 8th

Hours per week:
30 hours

11 to 13 years (average)

February to November Schedule:
07:00 am – 13:20 pm (GMT-5)

August to July Schedule:
08:00 am – 15:00 pm (GMT-5)

estudiante preparatoria

High School

Grades: 9th to 12th

Hours per week:
30 hours

14 to 17 years (average)

February to November Schedule:
07:00 am – 13:20 pm (GMT-5)

August to July Schedule:
08:00 am – 15:00 pm(GMT-5)

We develop an innovative methodology

Pedagogical Approach

At Genuine, knowledge is a tool for students to discover their role within society, their virtues, and their passions.

We enhance skills through:


Your child will always stay updated with the latest technological trends like programming, 3D modeling and printing, and our very own metaverse.


We foster an entrepreneurial culture and have a project incubator, taking your child's initiatives to the next level.

Learning through Play

We use play as a tool in the learning process to keep your child motivated and at the forefront.


Our students interact with children and young people from all over the world, enriching your child's cultural capital.

Our academic allies

Our families send us

Thank you that fill our souls

We develop an innovative methodology

Why do our families prefer our digital education model?

  • Studying from anywhere in the world
  • Time optimization for students and families
  • Low impact on commuting dynamics
  • High interaction with students from other cultures 
  • Immersion in our virtual school
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We have the best plans for you and your family

Educational Investment

Being a virtual school, costs for food, transportation, and uniforms will be a thing of the past
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All our programs include the Genuine methodology*

Elementary School

2nd - 5th

Monthly fee of

$ 235

Paying before the 5th of each month

Enrollment $262 USD

Platform $262 USD

10 Installments $262 USD*

Admission process

$ 50 USD

English leveling course from

$ 50 USD / Month

Middle School

6th - 8th

Monthly fee of

$ 251

Paying before the 5th of each month

Enrollment $278 USD

Platform $278 USD

10 Intstallments $278 USD*

Admission process

$ 50 USD

English leveling course from

$ 50 USD / Month

High School

9th - 12th

Monthly fee of

$ 273

Paying before the 5th of each month

Enrollment $302 USD

Platform $302 USD

10 Installments $302 USD*

Admission process

$ 50 USD

English leveling course from

$ 50 USD / Month

*These fees include the cost of apostille, notarization, and generation of one (1) certificate per year. There will be no additional cost for this process

*The Genuine methodology: Study from anywhere / Entrepreneurship and technology classes, and American diploma program

We answer all your questions

asked questions

Your child doesn’t need to be fluent in English. During the admission process, we administer a diagnostic English test for our new students. If necessary, we will place the student in additional English leveling classes alongside the regular curriculum, depending on the case, these may have an additional cost.

We educate global citizens to make positive impacts in their communities and the world. To achieve this, we have designed an innovative teaching method based on extensive experience in remote and digital educational programs.

Our approach includes constant teacher support while also encouraging our studentsautonomy, always under our guidance. You don’t need to supervise your child during classes.

We offer international education with numerous benefits, such as bilingualism, American diploma, stateofthe-art technological platform, an entrepreneurial support network, and live classes, all at an affordable cost from the comfort and safety of your home, with no expenses for uniforms, textbooks, transportation, travel time, or school snacks, among others.

That’s a thing of the past! All study materials have been developed by our team of education specialists and are available on our digital learning platform.

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