Legal Registration

Genuine Digital School’s legal registration has been validated by the Florida Department of Education.

We offer the American certificate for every level of study, from kindergarten to 12th grade, and we are members of K-12 private schools across the United States

Florida Education USA

Step by step to verify our legal registration

We created a tutorial for you to see step by step how to verify our registration on the Florida Department of Education website, stay until the end!

Play Video about Code 8822

Our legal registration supports

You can rest assured, our legal registry supports you while your children study and realize their dreams.

The certificates we issue are valid in any country in the world and in Latin America.

At Genuine Digital School we have personalized advice on the validations corresponding to your country, we will resolve any doubts you have on the subject. 

Legal registration and validations in Brazil

All academic titles we issue at Genuine Digital School are recognized in the United States due to our legal registration.

If you are in Brazil, we will advise you so that your child can validate their diploma before the Ministry of Education.