Pedagogical Approach

Our pedagogical approach is based on three pillars:

Teaching for Understanding

Supports the development of critical, analytical, evaluative, reflective, and creative thinking that enables them to generate solutions to build and transform their environment.

Meaningful Learning

Leads the student to know why, when, and what to do with what they learn, guiding them to delve deeper into subjects that require more attention and work.

Entrepreneurial Education

We use agile methodologies to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit, emphasizing their interests so that their projects transcend over time.

What is a pedagogical approach?

The pedagogical approach aims to focus on the way of teaching, guiding the practices and methodologies of the school.

It determines the optimal guidelines that guide the teaching-learning process between the teacher and the student.

Pillars of the pedagogical approach

We know that everyone learns differently and possesses different types of intelligence; we explore these through:

Understanding Goals

We foster the development of higher-order skills such as reasoning, attention, memory, problem-solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

Performance of Understanding

We create flexible learning paths that adapt to the pace and needs of our students, enabling them to achieve understanding goals.

Generative Topics

Through activities, our students practice and explore information, ensuring their engagement with the learning process.

Continuous Assessment

Our multidisciplinary content is of great interest to our students, upon which we build reflections.

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